About James

James Pitt is a pioneering senior technology executive known for his strategic vision and exceptional leadership in complex, high-stakes environments. With a robust track record across multiple industries, James excels in leading large-scale technology transformations, fostering robust teams, and communicating complex tech concepts to non-tech stakeholders.

In his roles, he has consistently delivered on aggressive targets, whether it's increasing developer productivity, reducing revenue losses, scaling teams, or implementing effective tech solutions. He has a keen understanding of cloud solutions, coding languages, Kubernetes, and managing production systems.

James demonstrates a rare blend of technical acumen, operational prowess, and people leadership. He embraces a culture of continuous improvement and agile development. His passion lies in leveraging technology to drive business growth and transformation, taking organizations to the next level of operational excellence.

Outside the technology realm, James's experience extends to building relationships with senior business leaders, presenting strategies to C-Level finance teams, and playing a key role in investment rounds.