The difference between listening, understanding and doing

Is there a sadder moment than realizing you are becoming your dad, and your child isn't listening to you in the way you didn't listen to your father. There's another sad moment when an idea moves from something you have heard, to something you understand, to something you do, and then you try to explain the power of it to someone else and they just done quite get it, and you realize they were where you were a few years ago before when you heard it for the first time.

I've been working hard on a few parts of myself recently, and it's frustrating to not really be able to explain about what's going on to other people - there's this world of stuff that you've suddenly realized, but you can't actually properly share it with many people in a satisfying way as they are not in the same place you are. If they are a long way behind, they need to go through the slow, painful cycle of listening, understanding and finally doing. If they've internalized it already they will agree to what you are saying, but the feeling behind the eyes is happiness that you've finally understood something. I'm sure no-one intends it to be patronizing, but that's the way it feels.

So - what's to be done with sharing this sort of information with the world? Maybe it's best just to write it down, so other people at the same place can find it and also so I can agree with it all myself on a regular basis.