The Best Thing at Google

The best thing for me about being at Google is the people. I've never worked someone where so many people want to offer to help out in every way they can. It's really eye-opening to see what's going on when someone asks for help. Sometimes it can be dispiriting when you make an offer to help, but you're too late.

Another great element of the people is the level of trust that people have in each other. It really takes a lot of the stress out of working when you know you can trust people to do the right thing.

I know that there's someone of a reputation for people at Google to 'rest and vest', but I've not seen a massive amount of it in the company so far. Most people seem to get on and do a good job. There's certainly a lack of the 'hustle culture' that can be a real pain at some companies, but also things do get done, which can be a big issue at other companies.

The big issue with the people, that seems to effect a lot of the people who work at Google is a chronic inferiority complex. I know it's been tough for me at times. I've also been the best, or at least tried to think of myself as the best coder / architect. It's been very sobering to be in place where that's not true. I'm quite sad that I didn't join when I was learning to code, as I'm sure I'd have learnt so much.